The Lagoon Kiki Ball Fundraiser


We are so very happy to announce that the Berlin Ballroom Scene can finally gather again to compete at a Ball – after months of absence of our physical community space weΒ΄re backkkk !

We present to you the LAGOON KIKI BALL !

This ball is a fundraiser for the LGBTQI-organization Casa Nem in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Casa Nem provides shelter and food as well as functions as a community centre for the local queer community, specifically trans people. They are currently facing a possible eviction from their space and - trigger warning – Brazil has the highest known number of trans murders worldwide, making this space a direct life line for many.


Due to Covid-19 rules & regulations we are only able to have very limited amount of people in the physical space so the IRL event will only host participants and the ballroom community this time.

HOWEVER - to bring the joy of a ball to all the fans and supporters out there we have decided to team up with Berlin based film and broadcasting collective BFF to bring the extravaganza of the ball to the comfort of your own house 🏠 Think Eurovision, The Olympic Games - we will be broadcasting the function TV style on an independent web hosting platform. STAY TUNED FOR THE LINK - coming next week!

Every € counts, more €€€€€€€€€ count more so the more viewers at home, the more funds we can generate and donate. Gather all your friends, get your drinx and snax ready and tune in to our kiki x

JUDGES: Mother Cherry Marciano (NL) Prince David Angels (Ger) tba

MC: Father Typhoon Angels (NL)

DJ: Seven Angels (NL)