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Mint streaming microsites with paywall for your next generation of events. Merge your analog world with the internet.

Simple tooling and fair prices. From creators for creators, from visionaries to virtualists. Strudle is the place where it all clashes. Not your average silicon.

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Media House
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Hey, you? You are not alone!

We are super proud of the variety of programs people are trying to put into place on our platform. We just need some place to ask people to redistribute, but also to escape the boundaries of huge cooperations dictating their algorithms to enslave us. This is not a revolution, but a place that we can transform and shape by ourself.

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Our diversified team is ready to consult and assists your productions on any aspect of your digital experience. From concept to production.

Who we are? Meet the team!

    Event consultant Software developer & engineer System engineer Innovation manager UX designer Visual communications manager Composer CG artists VR engineer Music producer Conductor Production manager Event manager Editor Online marketer Grafic designer Music consultant

Future projects
In the months to come we are actively working on expanding our skillsets and services.
  • Avatar networking
  • Gamification systems
  • AR/VR tools
  • Binaural systems - real concert experiences in virtual space
  • Multiangle stream - choose your individual point of view